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The first time buyers see their new dream home can be love at first sight. Here are five ways to increase your listing’s kerb appeal to create the right first impression.

Just as first impressions are important on a first date, it is essential to present your home in the best possible light. This begins with kerb appeal which  can affect interest in a home, as well as the eventual sale price,  according to Nicholls & Co Estate Agents founder Cameron Nicholls.


A few simple ideas can make a huge impact on a property’s sale price and they don’t need to

break the bank.

We share five ways to improve your listing’s kerb appeal and reap the benefits during sale time.

  1. Gardens – Ensure your lawn is manicured throughout the campaign and make sure the edges are done. If you do not have many plants, you should rent some  to create  a more welcoming space.
  1. Front door – A fresh coat of paint or a new door handle can make the entrance to your home more appealing and even give it a pop of colour.
  1. Fences – If you are appealing to families, consider investing in a fence to create a sense of security.
  1. Letterbox/street number – Ensure your letter box is relatively new and the number of your house is clearly displayed so people won’t miss it.
  1. Coat of paint – A fresh coat of paint will make the property appear new and well looked after.