How to become a Client for Our property Management Service and FAQ’s


Making the decision to have your investment property managed by About Real Estate couldn’t be an easier one. Simply call or email us and we will contact you and make all the arrangements. Are you currently managed by another agency and not happy or doing it yourself and finding you have no time to cover off on all legal requirements?

Did you know you can change managing agents without affecting your tenancy agreement, even if your property is tenanted and on a current lease agreement. All you have to do is make the decision and then we help you make this a seamless changeover. About Real Estate will make all the arrangements to collect your investments documentation and keys.

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Changing Property Management Companies is now easier than ever. The QLD law states it is all about your choice and giving you the ability to maintain control over the management of your investments. Below is a list of “Frequently Asked Questions”, for you to review. These will help you understand how easy the process is and address any concerns you may have when changing management agencies.

Q 1. How much will it cost me any money to transfer my management to About Real Estate?

A. No. We will organise the transfer for you within the guidelines of your current agreement.

Q 2. My property is currently tenanted however I want to change my management company. Can I do this during the term of the current tenancy agreement?

A. Of course you can. In Queensland your property management agreement allows you to change managing agents at any time – whether the property is vacant or has a current tenant in place. It is necessary to give the current managing agent 30 to 90 days’ notice in writing depending on the terms stated in your agreement. You do not have to provide a reason for the change.

Q 3. Would I be better to change Property Management Agency’s when the property is vacant?

A. As there is a notice period required (30 to 90 days), it is usually better to change while there is a tenant in place. This is because the current agent, in some very rare circumstances, may not be totally thorough with the new tenancy applications when finding a new tenant for your property.

Q 4. How will you know the status of my tenancy agreement, such as when the rent is paid to or the results of the last inspection?

A. We provide a checklist to your current managing agent requesting all the information you are entitled to receive including copies of all tenancy documentation required to manage the tenancy, as well as details of any outstanding repairs or maintenance and all keys and/or remotes held by the agent for the property.

Q 5. What happens to the Bond Money?

A. In compliance with the Queensland laws, the tenant’s bond is lodged with the Residential Tenancy Authority. Part of the process is for us to notify the Authority of the change of agency.

Q 6. What if I have recently commenced my management agreement with my current agent? Can I still change?

A. Yes, definitely. As long as the termination requirements including the notice time frame as stated on your agreement are adhered to there will be no financial penalty.

Q 7. Will the transition to another Property Management Group mean a delay in my rental payments?

A. No. It will be a seamless crossover and About Real Estate will offer you several options for receiving your rental monies.

Q 8. How will you help my tenants feel at ease about the change of management agency’s?

A. Once we receive your instructions, we contact the tenants, introduce our office and explain our procedures. We ensure your tenant is properly and professionally informed with a step by step written instruction list, and easy access to us by phone or email. We also take the time to meet with the tenants to ensure they feel comfortable. This ensures your tenants will not be inconvenienced by the change and they know who they are dealing with at all times.

Q 9. I feel uncomfortable about telling my current agency that I wish to change to a new property management agency- how do I get around this?

A. This answer is easy you don’t have to contact your current agency. You simply contact our office by phone or email and we will take the whole process from there ensuring all the necessary documentation is completed and your tenants are notified of the change.