Property Management Services we Offer overview

At About Real Estate we take pride in providing a very high standard of service to both our landlords and tenants. Being a boutique agency our experienced team is dedicated to offering you honest and open communication at all times. We constantly monitor the market in order to offer advice and support for all aspects of your investment.  At our first meeting we provide you with a Rental appraisal and a Market Analysis to support our recommendations.

Advertising & Promotion
A necessary component of managing your property is ensuring we have promotional material available. Most tenants now source vacancies online so a number of excellent photographs will ensure your property stands out from the rest. Because of our mobility it is possible for us to be able to show vacant properties at times that suit prospective tenants who often find it difficult to inspect during working hours. It is important that the property manager who meets the prospective tenants also processes the application to ensure proper identification.

Tenant Application Procedure
All prospective tenants are required to complete an Application Form. This form requests particulars needed to carry out all routine checks. Upon receiving the completed Application Form, About Real Estate will check all details and references provided by the tenant. These include:

  • Rental history
  • Employment history
  • Identity check
  • On-line database searches and Personal references.

Once the Application has been thoroughly checked and we are completely satisfied that they meet our requirements, we then contact the owner with all details of the prospective tenants for their approval.

 Condition Report – Entry & Exit
A Condition Report is completed prior to the tenant moving into the property, so please ensure that your property is ready for this to occur. This report now legally forms part of the lease. The tenant has 3 days to complete their part of the Condition Report and return it to the Agent. The report is kept on record and will be referred to again when the tenant vacates the premises. At About Real Estate we also include an extensive photographic record so comparisons can be made at end of lease. Prior the tenant moving in we also meet with them to go over the Tenancy Agreement and highlight their obligations around such things as Pest Control or Carpet cleaning expectations.  We also do this with our landlords so you understand your expectations by law.

Routine Property Inspections
The first routine inspection is carried out at the 6 week mark to ensure there is no confusion about expectations and this enables the agent to ascertain whether the tenants have settled in comfortably and ensure that the property is being maintained to a high standard. Following this there is a follow up inspection at around the three-month mark of occupation.   Subsequent inspections are then carried out every 3 to 4 months. After every inspection, a report is forwarded to the owner advising of the condition of the property and of any maintenance required. Photographs are taken of any maintenance issues as well as a photo from the front of the property which is sent to the owner with the inspection report. We also request a written report from all tenants that identifies any items that they may be concerned with at the property including health and safety risks.

Rent Collection
Tenants are required to pay rent directly into our Rental Trust Account. This provides a greater convenience to our tenants, and also reduces the incidence of rental arrears, as payments can be made at any time. Rental arrears are checked daily and procedures that comply with RTA legislation are strictly followed. We have a zero tolerance for rental arrears and this is discussed with each new Tenant prior to moving into the property.

Lease Renewal & Rent Reviews
Tenants and owners are contacted a month prior to lease expiry to confirm agreement for the tenancy renewals. At this time, we review the current market and adjust the rental amount if feasible.

Vacating Procedure
As soon as we receive a Notice to Vacate from the tenant we will contact you to confirm instructions for a new tenancy. Our prompt action ensures that any vacancy time is limited. Once the tenants have returned the keys or remotes, we inspect the property and prepare an exit condition report. Comparisons are then made with the entry condition report and the entry photographs to ensure the property has been left in the same condition taking into consideration fair wear and tear as noted in the Residential Tenancies Act. If necessary, the tenants are given the option to return to the premises within 1 day to rectify any issues that they may have missed on vacating. Should there be any outstanding rent or damages a claim is made on the bond.

Property Accounts
About Real Estate, on behalf of the owner will pay all accounts pertaining to the property, as indicated in the management agreement from the monthly rent monies collected and held in the Trust Account. Such disbursements may also include Water Rates, Council Rates if so authorised.

Maintenance & Repairs
Upon being notified of a repair by the tenant, About Real Estate will contact our tradesman and arrange a quote or repair within the nominated expenditure limit. A telephone call/SMS/or email will be made to the owner advising them of any repairs when they are received. To protect the owner from unnecessary expenditure the tenant is required to contact us rather than call nominated repairers. More often than not matter is not urgent and can be dealt with in business hours saving unnecessary costs. In the case of major maintenance work, we will liaise with the owner to obtain quotes prior to proceeding.

Financial Statements
All rental monies are deposited to the Trust Account and available funds are disbursed to the owners at Mid-Month and /or End of Month based on your instructions. A statement is issued monthly and emailed immediately after the End of Month. This statement will also include copies of any invoices that have been paid on your behalf. A record of all statements is held electronically and can be re-issued at any time upon request.
At the end of each financial year we are able to offer all owners an Income and Expenditure Statement for a small fee.  This statement details, on a single sheet, the entire history of the property with regards to Income and Expenditure. Many owners find this extremely useful for end of year taxation purposes.